class Gecode::Int::Domain::RangeDomainConstraint

Range domain constraints specify that an integer operand must be contained within a specified range of integers.

Public Instance Methods

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# File doc/tmp/rdoc_dev/gecoder/interface/constraints/int/domain.rb, line 49
def post
  var, domain, reif_var = @params.values_at(:lhs, :domain, :reif)
  (params = []) << var.to_int_var.bind
  last = domain.last
  last -= 1 if domain.exclude_end?
  params << domain.first << last
  params << reif_var.to_bool_var.bind if reif_var.respond_to? :to_bool_var
  params.concat propagation_options
  Gecode::Raw::dom(@model.active_space, *params)